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The project.

Enhancing the Driving experience through design

As a part of a platform change, we were tasked with refreshing the design to improve brand recognition and help improve the user experience behind's vehicle comparison tool.

Online Identity Systems
User Interface
User Experience​ Home Page Redesign
Design Systems.

We built on the existing brand equity and designed functional cues that improved the user interface and streamlined interactions. Simplified typographical hierarchy better aligned with organic SEO and reduced page load times. We also developed standards for structuring article information to help increase user engagement and time on page. - Home - MacBook Preview
Brand Standards Fonts
Brand Standards Colour
Brand Standards Menu Systems
Brand Standards Grids
Car Compare Tool.

The Car Comparison Tool received a major overhaul. Some of the features included:

  • A streamlined vehicle quick selection tool;

  • Ability to compare trim levels;

  • A powerful recommendation tool for quick selecting ideal vehicle comparisons;

  • A non-instrusive auto-compare of advertiser "Feature Vehicle";

  • Consolidated vehicle comparison sections;

  • Improved targeted advertising with improved exposure times. Car Comparison Tool Car Vehicle Comparison Tool Detail View
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