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Pape Chaudhury
Pape Chaudhury Horizontal Logo Colour Re

The project.

Reputations are earned.

Paul Pape, is one of Canada’s most acclaimed lawyers. Shantona Chaudhury is a brilliant advocate and one of the Canada’s fastest rising legal stars. The two formed Pape Chaudhury and entrusted us to help build their brand identity and website.

Brand strategy
Brand identity
Brand messaging
Web design
Graphic design
Logo Sketch 2
Logo Design.

The firm’s partners, may be dramatically different, but they work in a harmoniously seamless manner. Their common ground: work ethic. They dig deeper, work harder. They look at everything from different and unique angles. As Paul put it, “It’s like layers of an onion. You need to peel back all the layers to distill everything to its core.” Our goal was to reflect their personae through logo and identity. 


WORDMARK. The wordmark achieved the perfect balance between classic serif letterforms, blended with the youthful appearance of a sans serif. The result is a timeless workmark that isboth authoritative and fashionable.

Logo Sketch 3
Logo Sketch 4

LOGOMARK. The logomark consists of an “onion” shape—representing a legal case’s layers of complexity. We then married it the infinity symbol, representative of their tireless work ethic. The shapes unite to create a single focal point at the core. 

Typography & Colour.

We purposely selected a unique rose gold as our key colour to offset the brand’s blues and warm earth tones. The use of a rose gold would introduce a feminine and approachable look. When boldly used as a dominant colour it clearly distinguishes itself from what is seen in the legal world. 

Brand Standards Cover
Brand Standards Colour
Brand Standards Typography

We worked closely Matthew Plexman (Plexman Photography), to create a lighting arrangement unique to Pape Chaudhury—making photographic style and integral part of the identity system. The lighting also permitted us to leverage dynamic backgrounds throughout the site and print materials.

Dynamic Background Sample.png

DYNAMIC BACKGOUNDS. Website and media kit graphics are all hot-swappable, making something as simple as staff photos interesting and cost-effective to maintain.

Photography-Paul_Shantona v2

HONEST PHOTOGRAPHY. We went beyond the traditional profile pictures and captured the legal team in their best (and worst) light.

Stationery Design.

We worked with soft touch materials, rose gold foils, and wax seals to create classical stationery that felt as beautiful as it looked. Electronic documents were also generated to preserve consistent typography across all communications.

Business Cards Lighter Blue
Branding Scene Mockup
Electronic Letterhead
Website Design.

Leveraging reputation as a focal point, the website highlights the firms capabilities through its, deep case history and people.

Website - Home - iMac 2
Website - Bio - iMac

A custom wallpaper was created for use both on print material and the office space. The Pape Chaudhury vertical logo was carefully crafted so that the icon landed symmetrically centered at the pinnacle of the “A”. Both the logo and wallpaper were engineered to work seamlessly together.

Office Mockup 2

Simple. Direct. Memorable. Most importantly—true. The positioning/tagline is a true reflection of the skill, determination, and work ethic that have made Pape Chaudhury legends in appellate law.

Poster Design
Wall Ad

“D*MN good.” 

Paul Pape, Pape Chaudhury

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