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The project.

Giving buyers an edge in the Toronto condo market

The client’s website had taken a significant hit in traffic, especially with the efforts of the newly redesigned competitor site—— taking over a large share of the Canadian online market.

We took a deep dive into buyer and seller needs and created a simple, easy-to-use experience that delivered everything audiences could want. We were able to provide higher-resolution images for every property, detailed statistics and market analytics. An AI solution predicts recommended sales prices based on market trends and user interest algorithms.

Strategic design planning for short- and long-term growth and code implementation was created for the internal development team.

Even under development, the website performed well. Strata is continuously expanding their roster to handle their increased sales lead volume.

Company Naming
Logo Design
Brand Identity Design
User Interface
User Experience
Project Management
Graphic Design
Strata Website MacBook
Sought After Features.

The website simplifies the complex. Users have the ability to search with pinpoint detail. The results returned are presented in a clean and concise listing tile view.

Property detail pages provide bold image galleries unique to Strata. Every page goes beyond any condo site—listing building features and amenities, maintenance fee trends, local business profiles, and even an offer evaluator.

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Inform and Convert Leads.

It's not just about condos. It's about communities. Through community research tools, articles, and building profiles we turn "tire-kickers" into buyers. Discover Toronto's numerous communities, their features and highlights. Explore buildings within those communities and see what makes them special.

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