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The Ride
The project.

It's like Waze meets every form of transporation.

The Ride originally started as the next step for a taxi hailing service called #TAXI, but quickly became much more. With the introduction of Uber, the taxi industry took a hit. Public transit systems continuously fail to support and maintain their apps and online services. The Ride quickly became the ideal solution for getting around. It was simple and honest. It compared time, distance and cost—recommending the ideal transportation option.

Brand strategy
Brand identity
Brand messaging
Content strategy
Marketing strategy
Advertising strategy
User interface
User experience
Logo design.

The Ride logo was designed capture movement towards a fixed point. To achieve this effect,  an angled vertical grid was set to horizontal focal point. This effect subtly hints at The Ride's core benefit: get there... fast.

Behance Logo Portfolio - The Ride Brand
Behance Logo Portfolio - The Ride Brand
Bilingual Logo

Leveraging the same perspective cues as its english counterpart, we were able create LeLift logo for the Quebec market.

Behance Logo Portfolio - The Ride Brand
Brand standards.

A complete brand standards guide, an application/web guide and media kit were created. All communications were templated to the point were the client and media sources could run autonomously. 

For in-house client operations, the digital brand guide also contained in-app graphic assets, code repository's, and typefaces. For the media, we created a vast self-serve image library.

Unparallel-The Ride-BrandGuide1
Unparallel-The Ride-BrandGuide2
The Ride - Taxi App - Logo Photo
The Ride app.

The Ride offered a unique set of features that went unmatched. For one, it was honest. Pitting taxi vs transit (or any other mode of transportation) meant the user had the option of how they wanted to travel—often weighing time and price—and leaving the mode of transit up to the user.

Taxi Screens Scene 1 Web
Limitless travel options.

The app leveraged your geolocation to provide you with all the travel options available near you. We'd even notify you if there was a nearby rickshaw. This made The Ride ideal for people who simply want the best way to travel from point A to B, or for the explorer who wants to know when the next train is coming.

United we stand.

The Ride unified taxi companies across Canada, operating as one entity competing against the ride sharing giants Uber and Lyft. For the first time, the taxi industry was given the opportunity to run all of the same e-hailing, mapping and payment services that customers appreciated. Only, The Ride did it without surge pricing.

Every way of getting around.

The Ride provided you with all the travel options available around your geolocation. Making it the most complete travel app since Google maps. The difference? We can compare time and cost through all those options. And rickshaws—yup, we did rickshaws.

The Ride transit step-by-step directions.


The Ride integrated transit systems across Canada to provide users with complete directions, schedules, and fees, and live vehicle timing and location.

Transit Time.png
The results.

The Ride app did something that no other app ever did. It united the entire taxi industry, municipal transit systems, and local transit eco systems into one system. 

"We didn't form a client-agency relationship. We formed a brotherhood."

Michael Sachter, Marketing Director

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